FPK - are certain dueling rules where four characters (Assassin, Barbarian, Necromancer, Druid) play by them.

These FPK rules are made and adjusted specifically for Asgard PvP Realm. If the game has a "fpk" prefix (e.g."fpk duels"), then don't be a jerk and obey them - otherwise, you might be kicked out of the game by one of the moderators. Continuous disobeying might lead to a temp/perm ban.


General rules

  • The duel starts once everybody said "go" or "g"
  • Quitting the game results in a loss
  • When TvT one person is chosen by each team to say "g" for the whole team
  • Going to another location means a loss (exception - if you accidentally tp'd in town, then immediately came back)
  • No disappearing off your opponent's map for more than 10 seconds (=defwhoring?)
  • No overly defensive play (100% teleport off-screen as soon as you are on the opponent's mini-map)
  • No avoiding contact with an opponent intentionally with no plans of attacking
  • Refusal to show gear/inventory results in a loss
  • No naked killing
  • No mercenaries
  • No use of Healing, Rejuvenation, Thawing and Antidote potions during and before a duel
  • No excessive use of houses, walls
  • No stupid precasts/prebuffs like Cyclone Armor, Fade, Town BO
  • No casting of traps/missiles before both players say "g"
  • Oak from Nature/Wisp/HotO is fine, Fade precast from claws is fine
  • Enchant from Demon Limb is allowed if it stays in inventory (cube) during the duel
  • Fade precast from claws is allowed
  • No other charges from items (only ones listed above)
  • Clay Golem is always allowed
  • Replenish Life is capped at 40
  • No use of Ethereal items (exception - item is Indestructible, has Zod rune or Self-repair/Replenish quantity affix)
  • Respecing during the duel is not allowed
  • No more than 10% slow from items
  • Maximum one 451 poison damage charm
  • Maximum 20% block allowed (exception: Assassin's Weapon Block)

Maximum block allowed - 20% (exception: Weapon Block)


Fire resistance:

  • 85 maximum + 0% absorb
  • 80 maximum + 15% absorb

Cold Resistance:

  • 85 maximum + 0% absorb (really?)
  • 75 maximum + 20% absorb

Lightning resistance:

  • 85 maximum + 0% absorb
  • 80 maximum + 20% absorb
  • TG is allowed to everyone

Poison Resistance:

  • 90 maximum + 0% PLR
  • 85 maximum + 25% PLR
  • 80 maximum + 75% PLR

Class-specific rules

Necromancer (Bone):

  • No Poison skills are allowed
  • No Corpse skills are allowed
  • Bone Wall is banned
  • A recast of Bone Armor is allowed
  • Bone Prison is allowed vs anything that can Teleport (only in 1v1)
  • Only Amplify Damage allowed of all Curses (usable in TvT)
  • Fire Golem + Dwarf Star is allowed (not vs fire trappers) (any of you saw those like ever?)
  • Fire resistance: 85 maximum + 15% sorb or 90 maximum + 0% sorb

Druid (Wind):

  • Only 1 point in Fire skills is allowed (3 Volcano Pelt is allowed)
  • Recasting Cyclone, Wolves, Bear, Sage, Ravens, Worm, and Hurricane is allowed

Assassin (Traps):

  • Chaos isn't allowed
  • Only 1 point in Martial Arts is allowed (only DT and DC)
  • Lightning resist:
    • DClaw: 80 maximum + 0% absorb
    • 174: 85 maximum + 0% absorb

Barbarian (WW):

  • Only 1 point in Berserk is allowed
  • Bash, Concentrate, Frenzy, Double Swing, and Double Throw isn't allowed
  • No Widowmaker
B'v'B is kinda gay
If Dudu uses wolves - Nec can IBS and defwhore like Mario. Works the other way round as well