FPK are certain dueling rules where four characters (Assassin, Barbarian, Necromancer, and Druid) play by them.

These FPK rules are made and adjusted specifically for the Asgard PvP Realm. If the game has a "fpk" prefix (e.g.,"fpk duels"), then don't be a jerk and obey them, otherwise, you might be kicked out of the game by one of the moderators. Continuous disobeying might lead to a temp/perm ban.


General rules

  • The duel starts once everybody says "go" or "g"
  • Quitting the game results in a loss
  • When TvT one person is chosen by each team to say "g" for the whole team
  • Going to another location means a loss (exception, if you accidentally tp'd in town, then immediately came back)
  • No disappearing off your opponent's map for more than 10 seconds (=defwhoring?)
  • No overly defensive play (100% teleport off-screen as soon as you are on the opponent's mini-map)
  • No avoiding contact with an opponent intentionally with no plans of attacking
  • Refusal to show gear/inventory results in a loss
  • No naked killing
  • No mercenaries
  • No use of Healing, Rejuvenation, Thawing and Antidote potions during and before a duel
  • No excessive use of houses, walls
  • No stupid precasts/prebuffs like Cyclone Armor, Fade, Town BO
  • No casting of traps/missiles before both players say "g"
  • Oak from Nature/Wisp/HotO is fine, Fade precast from claws is fine
  • Enchant from Demon Limb is allowed if it stays in inventory (cube) during the duel
  • Fade precast from claws is allowed
  • No other charges from items (only ones listed above)
  • Clay Golem is always allowed
  • Replenish Life is capped at 40
  • No use of Ethereal items (exception - item is Indestructible, has Zod rune or Self-repair/Replenish quantity affix)
  • Respecing during the duel is not allowed
  • No more than 10% slow from items
  • Maximum one 451 poison damage charm
  • Maximum 20% block allowed (exception: Assassin's Weapon Block)

Maximum block allowed - 20% (exception: Weapon Block)


Fire resistance:

  • 85 maximum + 0% absorb
  • 80 maximum + 15% absorb

Cold Resistance:

  • 85 maximum + 0% absorb (really?)
  • 75 maximum + 20% absorb

Lightning resistance:

  • 85 maximum + 0% absorb
  • 80 maximum + 20% absorb
  • TG is allowed to everyone

Poison Resistance:

  • 90 maximum + 0% PLR
  • 85 maximum + 25% PLR
  • 80 maximum + 75% PLR

Class-specific rules

Assassin (Traps):

  • Chaos isn't allowed
  • Only 1 point in Martial Arts is allowed (only DT and DC)
  • Lightning resist:
    • DClaw: 80 maximum + 0% absorb
    • 174: 85 maximum + 0% absorb

Barbarian (WW):

  • Only 1 point in Berserk is allowed
  • Bash, Concentrate, Frenzy, Double Swing, and Double Throw isn't allowed
  • No Widowmaker

Necromancer (Bone):

  • No Poison skills are allowed
  • No Corpse skills are allowed
  • Bone Wall is banned
  • A recast of Bone Armor is allowed
  • Bone Prison is allowed vs anything that can Teleport (only in 1v1)
  • Only Amplify Damage allowed of all Curses (usable in TvT)
  • Fire Golem + Dwarf Star is allowed (not vs fire trappers) (any of you saw those like ever?)
  • Fire resistance: 85 maximum + 15% sorb or 90 maximum + 0% sorb

Druid (Wind):

  • Only 1 point in Fire skills is allowed (3 Volcano Pelt is allowed)
  • Recasting Cyclone, Wolves, Bear, Sage, Ravens, Worm, and Hurricane is allowed
B'v'B is kinda gay
If Dudu uses wolves - Nec can IBS and defwhore like Mario. Works the other way round as well