Asgard PvP Realm is an international Diablo 2 PvP arena server

  • Realm is specially designed to play D2: LoD "Player vs Player" game mode.
  • The main feature is to have a high-level fully-equipped character in a short time.
  • You start with level 99, use cube recipes/take from in-game accounts all items you want and just duel.
  • All items spawn with perf stats. All items are legit. Everything is free.
  • Ladder features legit items only.
  • Non-Ladder features bugged items, hybrid runewords, 08 items.
  • No mods/patches need to be installed.
  • All you need is a clear 1.14d version
    (there is a mini-mod that allows u to tp in town - optional)
  • Now only your skill matters!
  • Hosts are located in Moscow, NY, and London.

Server's status: Online


All items are legit and spawn with perfect affixes.



Every character starts with level 99 and completed quests.


Make a character of your dream in 10-15 minutes!
Use cube recipes to make items, or just take them from in-game accounts.