Mod info

Pay attention!

Normal's penalties are the same as in Hell (-100 all res).
However, they aren't shown correctly (a visual bug), so you need to count them manually.

To avoid this, you can download a mini-mod. Watch the bottom of this page.

Ladder features legit items only.
Non-Ladder features bugged items, hybrid runewords, 08 items.

Our server also features Low-Level Dueling (30 lvl). If you want to make an lld character, contact one of the moderators in-game. If some of you want to see 8/49/60 Level Dueling on our server and are ready to put your energy into it (create a massive list of all needed items), contact us.

Ladder in-game accounts: *items, *chars, *chars_fpk, *chars_fpk1, *chars_mirror, *chars_mirror1,*chars_block
(also *items_lld, *chars_lld, *chars_lld1)
Non-Ladder in-game accounts: *items_nl, *chars_nl, *chars_nl1
Password to all accounts: asgard

All items and characters respawn every 2 hours.


  • Every char starts with 99 lvl and completed quests (+505 stats, +110 skill points, +60 hp from Alkor, +30 all res from Anya)
  • Horadric Cube, class Hellfire Torch and Anihillus in inventory at the start
  • Monsters and Shrines removed from Blood Moor location
  • All spawned items have perfect stats, prefixes, and suffixes
  • Disabled "non-pvp" affixes to appear on generated items like +% Magic Find, Gold Find)
  • Added new Horadric Cube recipes
  • NPC's sell items of any kind
  • All items have 1 gold price (if shows more - visual bug)
  • Crafting requires just gem
  • Golem's slow is nerfed to 10% to balance a Necromancer (can be discussed and returned to the original)

For regular players



Above all, you can install our mini-mod. We recommend to create a special folder just for Asgard in that case. It allows you to tp, bo, bc in town (for convenience), increases your stash. It also correctly shows your resistances in Normal difficulty (Normal resistances are the same as in Hell, but they are messy without this mini-mod, you need to count it manually).
If you will accidentally connect to other servers with this mini-mod - it will show resistances and Vendors' prices incorrectly, as well as fake-increased stash.



In order to run multiple windows of Diablo 2, you can download our multi-loader. It's made especially for Asgard so it works only on our server. Make sure to follow the instructions in Readme.txt.

Cursor Locker

To avoid your cursor being pushed out of your window, you can download a simple and easy cursor locker called WMC. Run it (better as an Administrator). Right-click it.


Choose Hotkey. Push Specify Window and click your Diablo 2 window. Press chosen hotkey. Another option is Borderless Gaming. It is a little harder to configure, but the right side won't be bugged when trying to C/T.

Auto Town portal on death

You can make it so that every time you die, a Town portal will be cast automatically. In order to do this, you need to put your Annihilus in the cube and transmute it (with nothing). The affix "100% to cast level 1 Tom of Townportal when you die" will appear. After that, put Tome of Townportal in Stash (or the Cube that is in Stash)

Now you can get back to your corpse immediately after your death by clicking on the Town portal. Unfortunately, the mechanic is similar to the Life Tap's "on striking", so if you will die while WW - it won't appear.


If you are tired of the manual-rerolling item with needed affixes you can download the item's auto-reroller (aka Tokenhack) (c). What you do is you start it, open configure file and write down needed affixes. Then you enter the game, point your cursor on the item and press the chosen key for auto-reroll. It will reroll an item until it gets what you chose.

Some AV software detect it as a virus (because it roots right into Game.exe) so you might have to add it to AV's exception list.