Diablo 2 - Tank Trick [TT]

You need to know what WSG is before reading this.

So, WSG is a technique for "breaking" FHR animation and increasing desynchronization. But few people know that this technique can be used not only when running, but when you teleport and even attack. No special complications/differences from WSG.

Tank Trick while teleport will help you avoid the Leap of Barb:


Often you'll be caught for double or even triple Leap


*4th second of the video

In case you won't Tank Trick you can be double Leaped and you will be separated from your stack and most likely die from Barb's stomp>WW.

Everything changes when you use the Trick Tank (hereinafter TT):


Now you will hardly ever be caught with Leap, but even if you do then the stack will remain with you and take the hits.

!don't forget to bind of TP on the swap with CTA

TT during the attack allows you to attack when logically you can't. This only applies to Mind Blast and Leap.

That's what usually happens if you will try to attack while stun-locked:


That's what happens if you use TT:


I recommend using TT when running from a stun lock. If on 1 or 2 TP you got caught, just begin to run out, continuing to do WSG. You can even try to attack after running away with WSG for 2-3 yards, already using TT. With the desynchronization and the fact that there will most likely be no traps, the attack might be unexpected and successful. (unless WB D;)

TT helps against Mind Blast and Leap. The rest is not confirmed (check out yourself).

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Wish you good luck in all your endeavors!

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