Diablo 2 - WSG [Weapon Switch Glitch]

WSG is a simple basic technique in PvP. The essence of the trick lies in the constant switching of weapons while running.

What you should know about swapping:

  1. Swapping breaks FHR animation
  2. Swapping increases desynchronization


So the animation of Faster Hit Recovery, depending on the class lasts somewhere between 4 and 7 frames. If you will swap weapons during this animation, the animation of FHR will end. Time from 4 to 7 frames is less than 1/3 second, so you need to swap continuously (!woodpecker knocking) — about 3-5+ swaps per second.

That's what happens if you try to escape from an Assassin that uses Mind Blast on you without WSG:


What if we add Lightning Sentry:


~R. I. P.~

Now! Let's see how the situation changes if we use WSG:

wsg3 wsg4

Breaking FHR animation is a must-have in duels against traps-Sin and Druid.


So, on the screen of your opponent non-WSG Nec will look like:


If he does WSG:


The desynchronization can be increased even more if you will make a Strength Bug:


There is a similar technique to WSG called Tank Trick. Read more about it here.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Wish you good luck in all your endeavors!

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